Types of cookies and why we use them:

There are two types of cookies that can be used when you browse the DECOIDEA website:

- The absolutely necessary cookies: they are necessary for the proper operation of the website and for the browsing by the user - without them the user may not be able to see the pages correctly or use some features.

- Advertising cookies: are used to create user accounts and send promotional emails according to the preferences of each user while browsing.


Cookies, in addition to advertising, can be categorized as follows:

- Functionality cookies: are used to identify users while browsing and are necessary for it, such as. remember some of your settings. Without them some of the services provided (such as the use of the shopping cart) on the site will not be able to be provided.

- Performance cookies: used to collect information and analyze how visitors use the site (for example, traffic to and from the site, total sales through the site, pages with the most traffic and those with errors) so that to continuously improve the shopping experience on our site. All information collected by cookies is anonymous and is not used to identify you.

- Preferences cookies: remember preferences and help us customize your purchases.

- Targeting and advertising cookies: used to send you customized ads based on your preferences, so that they are more relevant to you. They limit the number of times you see one of our ads and help us measure the effectiveness of each ad campaign.

- Third party cookies: used by third parties - partners of "DECOIDEA" for promotional and advertising activities. These cookies allow us to make more correct and documented decisions about the needs and preferences of our customers. Third parties may use more than one type of cookie. All information collected is anonymous.



Can I check or delete cookies?

You can, if you wish, set the browser you are using not to accept cookies. You also have the option to use our website without cookies being enabled. However, it should be noted that disabling cookies may affect your browsing of the website and / or reduce the effectiveness of the functions and services provided.

For more information on controlling or deleting cookies, visit www.allaboutcookies.org.





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