The personal information that you will need to fill in on our site is in some cases mandatory and in other cases optional. The obligatory data mainly include the data that we will need in order to proceed with the sending of the order. So, even if you make a purchase "as a guest" and not after registration, you will obviously need to write us your name, address and a contact phone number. The optional information includes some additional information that you will probably be asked on some pages of our site, such as whether you are a man or a woman, your date of birth and the like. This information is intended for your most "personalized" service (for example, you may be sent a personal discount coupon on your birthday) and in no case is it necessary to fill them in order to buy something from our site.

All data you trust us are stored in accordance with Greek law (L.2472 / 97), are intended only for use within our site and may not be used by any third party, unless in specific cases - for example criminal activity - the law stipulates otherwise.

The information during the sending process, is secured through their encryption (SSL 128-bit) and ensures the protection of the data against malicious electronic attacks (in a reasonable context, as there is no practically inaccessible system).

For the storage of information in our database, in addition to the automated security systems, the guarantee is the 10-year course of our company in the field of trade and then e-commerce, which ensures that we will not in any way voluntarily or unintentionally move the information you trust us.


Identification files / Cookies

Like most companies and websites, our site uses the so-called session cookies, in order to make it easier for you to browse our pages and use our services. This way, for example, the system "remembers" the password you used on a previous page and does not ask for it again and again in order to buy a product. This data is deleted from our system as soon as you leave our site, but remains in the memory of your computer (resulting in the next time of your visit our system "recognizes" you), unless you choose to delete cookies in the browser that you use.

Credit card details

We do not store your credit card details and there is no way we can ask for your credit card numbers via email. The credit card payment process is processed on the "platform" of the EveryPay payment institution (certified by the Bank of Greece), so the information you fill in is secured by redirecting to the completely secure environment of the payment company.

Delete data from our system

In case you want some or all of your personal information to be deleted from our system, you can send us an e-mail at info'@' or call us at +30 22990-24052 and let us know your request.

How we secure your data


In order to ensure that your personal data (password, addresses, telephone numbers, credit cards, etc.) remain secure and there is no risk of leakage, wherever you enter personal data there is 128-bit SSL encryption.

This encryption is a way of encrypting the information that is entered into the system until it reaches us, so it is decoded and we read it. This ensures that no third party (malicious person or machine) interferes with the information transfer process in order to steal it.


Customer identification

Access to your personal information and your account is done through 2 codes, the User Name (username) and the Security Code (password). Both of these codes are personal, formulated by you and you are responsible for their non-leakage to third parties (who may take advantage of these codes to make purchases or other transactions on your behalf). We even recommend that you change your password regularly for security reasons and to include letters AND numbers AND symbols in its creation.


Access to our system (our database and other confidential information) is protected by a firewall on the servers that host our site.



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